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About Me

My name is Intan Suryana. People usually call me Intan. I was born on June 14th 1993 at Tuban in a simple family. My parents worked as farm laborers. My father graduated from junior high school and he was so shy and clever man, but now he has turned into a drunken. My mother graduated from elementary school. She was tough and strongly to go through the bitterness of our lifes. But both of them always give their affection for me. They always remind me to not forget Allah, and always learn for a better future than them. I grew up in unfamous village. My first education was in SDN DAWUNG 2, Palang District, Tuban Regency. Its located not far from my house, so I went to school on foot, and that was also because I had not bicycle yet. My parents were too busy with their job so they could not drive me to school.
Since child I have always did everything by myself, such as combing hair, dressing, eating, and many more. Actually something that I could do easily. If I could not do, then my parents would help me happily. Starting from the first to sixth grade I was always the best, I got good mark than the other students and got a scholarship, so that made my parents did not feel heavy because of the school fees’ weightness.
After graduating from elementary school, I continued my study to junior high school. The name of my junior high school is SMPN 2 PALANG, located 15 miles from my house. At that time I have had a bicycle, but I prefer to got a ride on two-wheeled my friend’s. I got second rank in the first grade, but in the second and third grade I was unlucky because my mark not as good as in my first grade.
When graduation came, I got pretty enough mark. Then I bravely continued my study to one of the best high school in Tuban. My parents used to refuse because they have heard that the school’s tuition was very expensive, so that they was afraid if they could not pay. I persuaded them and finally they agreed. I registered to SMAN 2 TUBAN, pioneering international school, and I was accepted into the regular class, instead of the leading class. I was a teen that lazy to learn, and it made me always to follow the remidial class. In the second grade I stepped to Social Departement, a major that was disliked by students and teachers because some students who got intobthat major were considered bad and activeless than the students from the Science Department.
At that time I felt stress because of the unusual differences between Science and Social Departement, students from regular classes and leading classes. My dignity was trampled because of as a student of the Social Department. But I kept spirit and tried to achieve good mark. At the last of term in the second grade I got third rank of 39 students. Then in the third grade I got a scholarship from school. But it did not make me quitely happy, because at that time I also got the tenth rank of 40 students.
After graduating from high school I planned to work, but Allah wills other. One of the Guidance and Counselling teachers at my school offered me to continue my study in college that I am interested by finding scholarship. I tried to register at UNESA and UB, and actually I was accepted at UB, with the major Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia. At that time I did not know I was accepted as schoarship student or not. Then when the Student Day ended there was some information in the buletin board that mentioned me as a schoarships student. Government gave me Rp 600.000,00 per month and free for tuition, but I should to retain my GPA to not less than 2.75 until graduate. Although bought books by my own self, but at least it could ease the burden of my parents.
I should worked hardly and be patience to get the scholarship, go back and fourth Tuban - Malang to complete the required files, as well as the limitation of friends in Malang made me lost in cemetry at night because I did not know the direction. After I was able to go through some problems first, now I am so proud and thankful to Allah because I could be a student of UB, one of the best and mostly famous university in Indonesia. With the motivation from my parents and the scholarship that I got, I was able to continue my education until now.

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